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Become a part of your local community to make a better tomorrow for everyone.

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Local Board Members

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Local Organizers & Local Partnerships 

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Local Website Moderators 

There are multiple types of AUC Leaders needed in every community. We are looking to fill membership from local broad members, local organizers, local partnerships, local work program directors, local website moderators, and just members to help grow our online and local platform.

We will be offering members an opportunity to join us under an umbrella holding company as a subsidiary company or member. This partnership will allow us to offer low-cost health care plans, insurance, bulk buying programs, community lobbyists, community work programs and more all through our partnering companies. 

Power lays in the numbers and together we can do anything.

Community isn’t only about the rules and structures that hold it together. It’s about people and their interactions with each other in their local politics. The political climate, culture, and assumptions in a particular community can have long lasting effects. Which should be viewed freely with open discussions and debated.

We are looking for people that would like to join something bigger than themselves and that will build a long-lasting effect on their local community. Each local community will hold the full power of their board and members.