AUC Work Program’s

What Is A United Community Work Program

A United Community Work Program is a funded community project to help kickstart small business within the community thought a group effort to give opportunity to those who want to take it. A United Community Work Program is a business that creates a job for local people though a co-op ownership. Each employee will become part owner in the company they work for. Each year worked ownership will increase for the employees, with a goal of a 40-year working life.

Example: Mike start’s working for AUC as he turns 20. Mike what’s to work for himself but doesn’t have any funds to start his dream career being a mechanic (or any job). It would take Mike about $50,000 dollars to start a small shop in his area. Mike enters into agreement with AUC to help raise funds for his dreams. AUC sells digital tokens as phase 1 of funding Mikes dreams. For each token sold Mike gives a small part of his newfound business to that person that holds the AUC Trading Token. Between AUC and Mike, they will always hold 51% of all digital tokens to be able to hold power of his company. AUC is able to raise the $50,000 dollars for Mike in 3 phases of selling tokens. AUC created 50,000 tokens for this fund raising and sold them each for between $1.00 – $1.50 with an average of $1.25. Phase 1 AUC sells 24,500 tokens at an average of $1.25 for a total of $30,625. AUC buys 50% of phase 1. Mike is able to open his new founded mechanic shop. Phase 2 AUC sells 15,000 new tokens at an average of $1.25 for a total of $18,750. AUC buys 50% of phase 2. Business picks up and Mike is able to hire a helper and grow his new business. Phase 3 AUC sells 10,500 new tokens at an average of $1.25 for a total of $13,125. AUC buys 50% of phase 3. Now AUC hold’s 50% of all 50,000 tokens. Mike was able to raise the $50,000 he needed after costs and fees. Mike will now start paying back the $50,000 by buying back his tokens for his business as his retirement plan. Mike will slowly buy back tokens until he holds no less then 51%. Mike will also pay annual dividend to the person that holds the AUC Trading Token at a set date. Mike is now turning 50 and would like to plan to retire in 10 years so he looks to his employees or family to buy him out. Mike is no less than a 51% shareholder, AUC will retain no less than 5%. Mikes long time employees have a total of 15% of tokens. Which leaves 29% of the tokens to be freely traded throughout the community setting the new value per token based off of the annual dividend paid.

Now apply this to any business, person or group that would like to make anything happen. The possibilities are endless.

Any member of AUC can start, run or invest in A United Community Work Program.

Cost of Creating Each AUC Trading Token

    • Cost of creating an Ethereum backed cryptocurrency – Between 0.02 – 0.05 USD cents per token
    • Cost of creating an (OTC) Over-The-Counter Stock – Between 0.20 – 0.50 USD cents per token
    • Cost of assigning a physical coin – Between 0.02 – 0.05 USD cents per token¬†

With the lifetime cost between $0.24 – $0.60 USD cents cost per token created we have set a price between $1.00 – $1.50 per token. Which will leave between $0.90 – $1.26 USD per token sold for community projects and work force programs. All physical coins will be held by an AUC Asset Broker.